Facilitating Decentralized Storage

Facilitating Decentralized Storage

Located in Europe

We are at the heart of the Filecoin network. We participate by storing data for clients, and computing cryptographic proofs to verify storage across time.

Storage Provider Location

Duplication of data and all critical components to serve as a back-up in case of emergency or failure. (Offsite backup: The data is stored and mirrored on multiple locations for ultimate redundancy).


We are located near Amsterdam and are directly connected to the largest fibernetwork in Europe. Through this location we can easily serve million of future customers with long and fast retrieval deals.

European Privacy

We do not track, collect or share any private information from our clients or customers. We adhere to NTD regulations.

Independant IP Backbone

Our network is not reliant on other providers. We can directly serve customers with the best performance, low ping and high throughput.

Dcent - Facilitating Decentralized Storage

Building Renewable Data Centres

Building renewable data centres is an important step in addressing the environmental concerns of the data centres that have been becoming more and more prevalent in recent years. It has become more important than ever to battle climate change and find efficient ways to generate energy while not disrupting our atmosphere, our planet, or our ability to live on it.

Our data centre generates 40% of our annual consumption with solar. During most days in summer, we run completely net neutral.

Our partners

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