Facilitating Decentralized Green (WEB3) Storage, GPUs and compute

At DCENT, we're pioneering the green future of WEB3 storage solutions. Experience the synergy of innovation and sustainability, setting a new standard in data storage. Join us in crafting a decentralized, eco-friendly digital tomorrow.

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Filecoin Green

Setting the standard for sustainability. With 800+ solar panels and a verified green record, explore how we infuse eco-friendliness into every byte we store.

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Innovative hardware

Unleash efficiency with advanced 3rd Gen AMD CPUs, Nvidia GPUs and Juniper networking for unparalleled compute power, and throughput.

Strategic Location

Amsterdam's fiber hub with our own BGP network. Redundant 40Gbps networking fuels connectivity, ensuring seamless data flow and client accessibility.

Privacy & Security

European & Dutch compliant. Data encryption guarantees ultimate privacy. Entrust us with your data's safety within our vigilant and secure hands.

We are DCENT

Here at DCENT, we're always striving to innovate in the ever-changing world of WEB3. We're excited to jump into new projects as they arise, while also being one of the leading European Storage Providers for the Filecoin/IPFS network. This blend lets us make quick decisions, making us stand out as a unique force in the expansive Web3 landscape.

  • Cutting-Edge Partnerships: Filecoin, Greenfield, StorJ, and Arweave
  • Ultra-Fast Connectivity: 80Gbps High-Speed IP Transit Link
  • Efficient Storage: 50 PiB Raw Storage Capacity
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Located in the Netherlands

We are at the heart of the decentralized web. We mainly participate by storing vast amounts of data for clients, and using cryptographic proofs to proof that storage over time.

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