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DCENT leads in green WEB3 storage, utilizing top-tier efficient hardware, large scale solar arrays, and strategic wind REC investments. Experience unmatched sustainability and innovation in decentralized data storage.

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At DCENT, we are dedicated to reshaping the storage landscape by integrating technology and sustainability. With a robust network of nodes, including IPFS, Filecoin, Greenfield, StorJ, and Arweave, we deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency. Our solar-powered data center above Amsterdam is a testament to our dedication to renewable energy. We are driven by the vision of a greener, more responsible Web3 future.

Wijnand Schouten
Wijnand Schouten
Hidde Hoogland
Hidde Hoogland

Located in the Netherlands

We are at the heart of the decentralized web. We mainly participate by storing vast amounts of data for clients, and using cryptographic proofs to proof that storage over time.

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