About Dcent

About Dcent

Dcent - Facilitating Decentralized Storage

We are Dcent Hosting BV, operational as one of the largest European storage entities on the Filecoin network.

We are specialized in dealmaking and enterprise networking, and are able to expand our operation on the fly by designing a modular datacenter.

Our datacenter consists of the following:

  • 100Gbit/s internal networking
  • 40Gbit/s external networking
  • Full offsite mirror of all sectors and data
  • 35TiB daily sealing power
  • 64GiB sectors for efficiency
  • 100% Green & Renewable energy
  • Running our own independent IP Backbone (connected to multiple internet exchanges)

We are always looking for opportunities to cooperate with companies who are interested in immutable storage or WEB3 applications.

Our partners

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