Vision of Dcent

Vision of Dcent

Dcent - Facilitating Decentralized Storage

Our network is not reliant on other providers

We live in a world that has been and continues to be built, day by day, by people just like you and me. Today, though, we seem to have lost sight of just that: the people behind the products. Governments, corporations, banks – do any of them make us think of people? People like you? Like me?

The uncontrollable growth of technology is sometimes frightening, almost incomprehensible. We feel uncertain, unaware of the dangers that lay ahead. One of these dangers has already reared its head: a total lack of privacy. Big tech companies have taken control of our ever-expanding digital world inch by inch. We should try to get that freedom back.

We are quickly heading towards a world where privacy is a luxury, with many large companies knowing more about us than even we ourselves do.

To address this facelessness depersonalization, this encroaching threat to our identities and our privacy, what we want is to put some of the power and freedom that came with the original promise of the tech revolution back in the hands of the people.

We are one of Europe’s largest decentralized Filecoin nodes, capable of serving many clients across the globe with reliable storage. We want to provide clients with 100PiB of mirrored storage by the end of 2022. With our networking capabilities, private IP backbone, and 100Gbit/s of throughput, we are far ahead of most companies, who are only getting started learning about this new technology.


Duplication of data and all critical components to serve as a back-up in case of emergency or failure. (Offsite backup: The data is stored and mirrored on multiple locations for ultimate redundancy).


We are located near Amsterdam and are directly connected to the largest fibernetwork in Europe. Through this location we can easily serve million of future customers with long and fast retrieval deals.

European Privacy

We do not track, collect or share any private information from our clients or customers. We adhere to NTD regulations.

Independant IP Backbone

Our network is not reliant on other providers. We can directly serve customers with the best performance, low ping and high throughput.